African Continental Free Trade Area (ACFTA) Master Class Series

According to the African Union, Africa has a $3.2 trillion Gross Domestic Product (GDP), which if adjusted purchasing power parity (PPP), it shoots as high as $6.6 trillion. Currently 54 African Nations have signed the ACFTA agreement which has effectively created the largest single market in the entire World. The ACFTA is arguably also the most important free single market for the future of global markets, as Africa has the World’s largest youth population which will play very significant roles in the global economy in the years ahead. The ACFTA has deeply embedded strategies for accessing Africa, as well as strategies for engagement which are hidden in plain sight, and only the most knowledgeable experts can guide you and your leadership team, to effectively deploy these strategies for your corporation’s benefit. Global corporations operating in different parts of Africa as well as corporations operating outside Africa, seeking to penetrate the entire African market would be best advised to consider using the ACFTA agreement as a formidable platform, in this regard you will find our “African Continental Free Trade Area” Master Class Series and in-depth learning guide, extremely valuable. Our intervention is designed to provide you and your team with a deep insight into the ACFTA, as well as provide you with the strategies for engagement, strategies for compliance with ACFTA and the particular Nation State in your market focus, as well as provide you with the deep knowledge you will need to design your own Africa continent wide market penetration strategy which you can build on the backdrop of the ACFTA. Creating an Africa Wide market penetration strategy will be the best approach for any global company with global ambitions over the long term, especially as Africa continues to lead the World with the fastest economic growth rates and the continent with the largest youth population. Please be advised that our ACFTA instructors are the most knowledgeable people on the African Continent with regard to the ACFTA, and we expect that your growing interest in developing an Africa wide market penetration strategy should start with our “African Continental Free Trade Area” Master Class.

Duration: One Day

Tuition: $649.00

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