African Enterprise Institute (AfEI) launches its edtech platform

The African Enterprise Institute (AfEI) has launched its ultramodern edtech platform,, which provides strategic capacity building and enterprise development interventions for Nation states, sub-nationals, conglomerates with extensive SME distributor networks and entrepreneurs. The innovative AfEI edtech platform,, is designed as a 21st century solution for extensive capacity building for entrepreneurs as well as for professionals at the executive level of small and medium enterprises operating in Africa, the Caribbean and including professionals as well as entrepreneurs of African descent living and working in North America (USA and Canada), Latin America, Europe and Asia. The African Enterprise Institute is also leveraging its edtech platform to implement its mandate to support Nigeria’s small business ecosystem as provided under the recently unveiled African Enterprise Initiative developed by the Nicky Okoye Foundation and implemented in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Industries, Trade and Investment.

The African Enterprise Institute’s (AfEI) most unique value proposition is that it creates and manages a value chain of intelligent opportunities which are directly tied to its interventions, trainings, accreditations and certifications. Business students, entrepreneurs and professionals that get certified in one of the AfEI’s 21st century skills’ certificates, are subsequently guided by a “smart” matchmaking process to global opportunities offered by a growing network of conglomerates, global businesses and even local projects that are seeking competent reliable skilled enterprise executives, professionals, distributors or partners with strong African knowledge and experience. In addition to online edtech certifications, the African Enterprise Institute’s Nigeria subsidiary is working with strategic partners to establish over five hundred enterprise development community centers which will support Nigeria’s grassroot enterprise business development ecosystem and startup business community. Other hard core investments that complement the AfEI edtech platform include the planned enterprise innovation accelerator campus which is positioned to support the next generation of entrepreneurs of African descent to develop World-class 21st century business models that will reposition Africa in the global market place.

The current interventions on offer today at AfEI’s edtech platform,, are already redefining the African innovative capacity building space and these include certifications in business advisory services which automatically gives the candidate strategic partnership with the institute. Others include the African “micro” merchant certification, which certified merchants get linked directly into the supply chains of global manufacturers and global commodity aggregators. African Enterprise Institute also offers strategic training and support for digital content creators, digital marketers, global speakers as well as global developers & coders etc. all of whom get smartly linked to global opportunities in their space of expertise after their accreditation and certification is complete.

The Founder and President of the African Enterprise Institute, Dr Nicky Okoye, had this to say when journalists asked him for the inspiration behind the establishment of the African Enterprise Institute…

“We decided to do something about Africa’s poor showing in the global market place, currently Africa is responsible for less than 2% of global trade and less than 5% of investment capital flows, and none of the top one hundred most capitalized companies, or most valuable companies operating in Africa’s economy are owned or operated by people of African descent. This is unacceptable to me. The struggling economies of Africa are loosing most of our jobs to global enterprises with foreign professionals, primarily because our own people do not have the skills, the networks or wherewithal to participate in the opportunities of global market place. This is particularly painful when you learn that even those global companies that depend almost exclusively on Africa for their entire supply lines or for their entire market place do not . Our strategic intervention with this African Enterprise Institute, will expand the capacity of all our business people of African descent across the World and this will stimulate strategic global market access, on a sustainable level, to our own African enterprises in terms of global capital, global talent, global technologies, global services and global commerce. Our intervention is coming at a very unique time in Africa’s evolution, only recently the African Union launched the Africa Continental Free Trade Area Agreement, this is expected to boost intra Africa trade significantly from its current state of 14% to over 60% or even 70%, the resultant impact on job creation, wealth creation and commercial opportunities for African businesses is monumental. We expect that our African Enterprise Institute will play a very significant role in guiding Africa’s entrepreneurs through this transition of continental and global opportunities.”

About African Enterprise Institute and its Founder

The African Enterprise Institute is a United States incorporated institution with a subsidiary focused on Nigeria and other subsidiaries planned for other African countries. The institution is founded by Dr Nicky Okoye, a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Transcorp Plc, an enterprise which grew to a billion dollar valuation, under Dr Nicky Okoye’s executive leadership, in less than twenty four months. Dr Okoye has extensive experience in global capital markets, financial industry regulation and enterprise development advisory. He has supported national development by advising on small business expansion, supporting two separate Heads of State, the Central Bank of Nigeria and the a host of National and State Institutions, Ministries, Departments and Agencies. Dr Nicky Okoye has demonstrated expertise over the years in National Development by supporting some emerging market Nations of Africa and the Caribbean with strategies to reposition their populations for the benefits of global market focused entrepreneurship, resulting in increased economic activity and the monumental creation of new jobs. Dr Okoye gained his vast global experience working on three separate continents including Europe, North America and Africa, and his in-depth expertise in global market penetration and  technical strategic execution has given him a unique prospective on complex problem solving and leadership which is enriching and rear.

The African Enterprise Institute engages over five hundred technical instructors, facilitators and tutors who, in addition to their outstanding qualifications, have extensive industry experience and in many cases are considered industry leaders in their own right.


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