Champions of the Universe, Entrepreneurship and Leadership Bootcamp

This is the World’s premier entrepreneurship, leadership and personal development strategy bootcamp designed exclusively for young people of African descent.  Our Champions of the Universe Entrepreneurship and leadership Boot Camp is a seven-day boot camp designed to engage, groom, promote, educate and inspire the next generation of Leaders of African descent in various professional fields, including but not limited to politics, business enterprises, sports, entertainment, religion, non-profit and social enterprise. The future of Africa, the Caribbean and for all peoples of African descent depends largely on the focus and direction of the next generation of Afro centric Leaders. In this respect, our intervention is designed to capture the essence of 360 leadership in the most important areas required for development, wealth creation, economic growth and sustainability. It is our expectation that this Champions of the Universe, Entrepreneurship and Leadership Boot Camp will serve as a fertile grooming ground and provide pools of future leaders for the next generation of super achieving Leaders of African descent. We expect that with this strategic intervention, Nations and communities with significant populations of young people of African descent can prepare their next generation of young leaders to be responsible for the economic development, job  creation requirements and standards of living demands of their Nations and communities across the entire World.  We strongly recommend the Champions of the Universe, Entrepreneurship and Leadership Boot Camp for the Nations of Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America as well as the African Diaspora communities of the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Asia and Australia.   

The next generation of Leaders required to build the foundations of sustainable generational wealth and prosperity for the people of African Nations and communities, will have to be groomed, trained, provided and supported by fully designed and accepted strategic formats which deliver the best results. Our Champions of the Universe Entrepreneurship and Leadership Boot Camp is one of the best formulas out there that delivers on this complex requirement.

. Champions of the Universe Entrepreneurship Boot Camp will support with…

  • Preparing the next Generation of African descent and Africa’s Diaspora Leadership
  • Building the next generation of Corporate Executives for the Emerging Markets, especially for up and coming leaders of African descent
  • Inspiring the next generation of Entrepreneurs for the Emerging Markets
  • Enhancing the skills of the next generation of Professionals of African descent
  • Supporting a new generation of Leaders with the ideas, tools and networks to succeed in the 21st


The future Champions of Africa, are Africa’s Next Generation

Our African and Caribbean Nations suffer infrastructure inefficiencies, and our values that have been passed down to the next generation are not exactly the most inspiring. This means that the future of the young people of African descent is at risk. 

Our intervention will see to the long-term development of values, skills and leadership qualities in such strategic professions as politics, business, arts, entertainment, education and sports. And we will support and groom on a sustainable basis, a wide range of young leaders who would have distinguished themselves in selected fields from across the globe and who deserve to be supported. We are committed to wiping away some of the failures of Africa’s past and we look strongly with commitment, enthusiasm and expectation for Africa’s future.