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Young people of African descent seeking to be matched with one or more of our Super Mentors can register HERE. As a young person seeking support and assistance from one of our Super Mentors, you will be first required to participate in our Global Enterprise Super Mentorship Strategy Session, after which we will match you to a Super Mentor for scholarships, trainings, internships and even a startup business loan or investment.

Register As Super Mentor

If you consider yourself a Super Mentor, or you have considerable wealth, resources, expertise, experience or time to share with young people of African descent around the World then you can register.


Join the global coalition of Super Mentors and change a life today. Select your own village or your own living community, make a pledge and we will do the rest.

The Enterprise Institute is constantly expanding its collation of super mentors, to narrow the gap between the most wealthy, most successful people of African descent and the inspiring young people of African descent who need, a hand up, and not, a hand out. Our young people need access to opportunities to explore their talents, create their own wealth and we make that happen by giving them access to global skills which guarantee them opportunities of the 21st century. Once young people in this program have acquired a certification from our menu of options, they will be in a position to redefine the future of work, innovation and job creation in their own communities, thus giving rise to an unbroken value circle of giving back, and helping people of African descent to step up.

Once you join our coalition of Super Mentors, your contributions to our young people can be one or more of various forms: it may be financial, or material, or intellectual, or it may be your time spent sharing your wealth of knowledge and experience with young people of African descent at one of our Global Enterprise Super Mentorship Strategy Sessions, which are being organized in different cities around the World. Super Mentors that are still in their active professional, executive or entrepreneurship life can simply pledge one Calabash (this is a fixed amount which covers the training of ten young people) or more Calabashes, which will cover the tuition, training fees and certification of tens or even hundreds of young people, out of  the millions of less privileged young people seeking training and skills which will redefine and transform their lives and their communities forever. Super mentors who donate more than one Calabash can select their own communities, where their impact will be felt, announced and publicized.