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Access Nigeria’s Markets

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The signing into effect and implementation of the Africa Continental
Free Trade Area Agreement (ACFTA) has opened up Africa’s $3.2 Trillion
($6.6 trillion in PPP) market place to merchants and suppliers across
the entire Continent and to strategic suppliers across the World.
Manufacturers and suppliers outside of Africa such as those especially
supplying from Asia, the Caribbean or the Americas, will need to
establish strong networks within the African continent to benefit from
the ACFTA trade incentives and the large growing market place. Nigeria
is currently Africa’s largest economy, with a GDP over $400 billion
representing over 20% of Africa’s GDP. Whereas merchants, manufacturers
and suppliers across the World are seeking opportunities to position
their products and services in Africa, Nigeria is demonstrably showing
up as the most reasonable choice, due to its consolidated size, growing
youth population and extensive area for growth and improvement. Access
Nigeria’s Markets program provides merchants, manufacturers and global
suppliers the hidden details you require to fully understand Nigeria’s
markets as well as navigate the seemingly complexities in establishing
your own products distribution base and network within Nigeria, to
capture its entire market, under the most favourable terms and
conditions. Participants in the Access Nigeria’s Market program will
also have the exclusive opportunity to partake in our verified and
accredited Nigeria Manufacturer’s representative, supplier, distributor
MATCHMAKING program, which will establish your brand and your product in
the marketplace in the shortest possible time.