CATEGORY: Business

Nicky Okoye Global Business Advisors

Course Access: 30 days access
Course Overview

Fee: $200
Discount Fee: $100


  • Must be an AfEI Certified Business Advisor

  • Professional with a
    degree and 2 years professional experience in accounting, legal,
    financial, stock brokerage, insurance or business advisory services​

  • You must have a professional certificate or extensive experience in a professional services sector. ​

Nicky Okoye Global Business Advisors(NOGBA) are certified professionals
that will host in their catchment areas, our proprietary enterprise
development clinics, entrepreneurship retreats, business startup
seminars and small business workshops all designed to enhance business
expansion, increase access to investment, expand executive capacity as
well as grow customer base in specified markets. Our Nicky Okoye Global
Business Advisors(NOGBA) will provide instruction and support for
communities, public sector sub-national authorities, at the State or
regional levels, to design and implement interventions for comprehensive
enterprise development strategies across the board.