Dr Nicky

Dr Nicky Okoye


Dr. Nicky Okoye is the founder of the NICKY OKOYE ORGANIZATION Inc, and President and Chief Executive Officer of Anabel Group. He is also the Chairman of Council at Youth Empowerment, Entrepreneurship and Creative Economy Council of Anambra State Nigeria. He is the founder and convener of the Nigeria Leadership Summit, Nigeria’s largest privately organized summit on leadership and the Nation’s premier forum for strategic solutions on leadership, youth empowerment and entrepreneurship. He has served the Federal Republic of Nigeria in several capacities including but not limited to, membership of the National Council on Small and Medium Scale Enterprises and member of the Presidential Jobs board in 2014/2015. He has also consulted and provided strategy advise to the Central Bank of Nigeria for capital market regulation, the development of national entrepreneurship clinics and youth empowerment funding networks. Dr Nicky Okoye is co-founder and first executive of Transcorp Plc a Nigerian conglomerate which grew to over a billion dollar valuation in the eighteen months that Dr Nicky was at the helm of affairs.

Dr Nicky Okoye is a Nation building expert, with superior knowledge and exceptional skills in National Development Strategy, Business Development Strategy, Entrepreneurship Strategy and Leadership.  He supports national governments, entrepreneurs, business networks and executive teams as a keynote speaker, executive coach, mentor and strategy adviser.  

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