Elite Business Executive Leadership Program

The family owned businesses of Africa and the Caribbean have a special place in the drive to develop these regions of the World. In this respect, the next generation of elite leaders will need to be trained and developed in more exclusive environments using more exclusive methodology traditionally the preserve of tier one global enterprises. Our “Elite Business Executive Leadership” program is an invitation only one year (12 months) intervention reserved for elite leaders that have been identified as having what it takes to build global enterprises, which will grow to become global conglomerates. The entire class of current tier one African Enterprises cannot yet be considered to be global tier one enterprises, however many of these organizations do have the potential to grow to that level, if they can build global capacity within their leadership ranks. This “Elite Business Executive Leadership” program identifies the potential in these individuals, especially the up and coming leaders on the rise as well as the entire leadership teams of well positioned African and Caribbean enterprises. We go further to support the enrollment of these identified and screened leaders into this twelve month exclusive program covering all areas of global enterprise development, including but not limited to, providing participants with embedded internship programs with established global conglomerates. These global conglomerate internships gives participants an opportunity to observe and study global management, global supplies and global market dynamics up front.

Duration: One Year (12 Months)

Tuition: $13,000.00