Enterprise Development Program

Our Enterprise Development Programs supports the sustainability of enterprises at all levels, from micro, to small, to medium, to the large and subsequently for global enterprises and their executives. These programs, designed particularly for peoples of African descent and for executives operating enterprises based in Africa, provides strategic pathways for enhancement and sustainability. We support global executives to better understand the African culture, the African systems as well as building and maintaining market share in various jurisdictions of Africa. We support global enterprises to fully understand and navigate the sometimes complex various African regulatory environments. AfEI interventions support global businesses to plug into the new Africa Continental Free Trade area, the global supply chain and building effective succession strategies. In addition, we support African executives to better understand the global markets and how to position their African corporations for 21st century disruptions unfolding from the global market place. We even provide strategic interventions for building the capacity and for guidance of newly appointed members of company or project boards of directors operating in African markets.