Enterprise Development Strategy Retreat

The Enterprise Development Strategy Retreat is the ideal get away for all public and private sector professionals engaged in the enterprise, entrepreneurship and business development eco-system on a global basis, especially for those operating in the Nations of Africa, the Caribbean and particularly for leaders of institutions operating in Nations with large populations of peoples of African descent.

Leadership in the 21st century has been radically transformed, to remain competitive, we need to integrate our most valued corporate, institutional and public sector leaders with the most cutting-edge knowledge, tools and strategies for continuous sustainable growth and value creation on a global basis. The goal of every Nation State, every sub-national authority or community is to give their business people the most conducive environment to energize the economic and commercial eco-system which will create more jobs as well as raise the standards of people living and working in these Nations, in these sub nationals or in the communities, in question. In order to accomplish this task of building an enterprise development eco-system effectively, leaders in the public and private sector need the tools, the deep knowledge and the understanding required to build the most conducive environment for enterprise development on a consistent basis. At our Enterprise Development Strategy Retreat we share the most up to date key knowledge required to achieve global results which will permit the nation state or sub-national to position effectively. We engage the World’s greatest experts in such areas as where the next wave of manufacturing bases will be sited after China, in which direction the global capital flows are heading, and what strategies are required for Nation States to attract and retain the best talent for Enterprise Development. These experts will lead the learning process and while at the Retreat, new strategies are developed for global market penetration of your Nation State or sub-National and these are shared with all participants.           

Business leaders of African descent and public sector executives operating in Africa, the Caribbean or in Nation States or communities with significant populations of African descent, have a continued need and interest in building the strongest global networks, the most factual knowledge base on global market dynamics as well as the sustained tools to develop and maintain strong focus on the emerging industry segments which are recording the most impressive growth rates in the 21st Century.

Our Enterprise Development Strategy Retreat supports you and your leadership team to navigate the disruptions of the global enterprise eco-system while giving you the tools, strategies and structure to build a flourishing enterprise development eco-system of your own.