Global Developer Accreditation

Our Global Developer Accreditation is designed for experts in the coding, software and application development Universe. As a technical expert, you may already be a fully qualified development or coding professional, but you are currently seeking validation as well as globally recognized, verification and accreditation which will allow you to engage in global opportunities which are available for coders and developers like yourself. On the other hand you may be seeking startup or additional development skills which are in high demand by global companies and global project managers, giving you the unique  opportunity to earn global revenues and incomes in United States dollars. The AfEI Global Developer Accreditation certificate will provide you globally acceptable verification and accreditation for your existing technical expertise or for your newly developed technical skills as the case may be. In addition, AfEI has a host of technically verified training and certification partners who are offering the most valuable skills currently in demand by global recruiters of global technology projects. AfEI’s most valuable proposition is that we will integrate all our global developers accreditation certificate holders into global projects that are operating in Africa or have been designed for African consumption as part of our AFRICA CONTENT STRATEGY.