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To attend our next “GES talks” event kindly register HERE. “GES talks” is ideal for business executive teams, entrepreneurs and enterprises that consider themselves to be in their growth phase and are seeking new markets, new ideas and new opportunities.

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To be considered to a speaker at one of our “GES talks” events kindly register HERE.

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Our Global Enterprise Session talks are exclusive speaking events that provide members of our community (AfEI registered micro, small and medium enterprise 'MSME' executive teams), an opportunity to meet, in person, some of Africa’s most remarkable super achievers in business, sports, entertainment, finance or government.

Our exclusive “GES talks” are hosted monthly by the African Enterprise Institute at private locations that are announced on our platform and emailed directly to registered participants. Each “GES talks” event is different, in some cases we focus on strategy development for specific select industries whereas in other cases we focus on regulation, policy formulation and legislation design.

Whichever be the case, as an entrepreneur or a MSME business executive, you will engage with globally renowned industry veterans, very successful entrepreneurs, award winning athletes, mega movie or music stars, your industry regulator or legislators responsible for writing laws for your industry.

“GES talks” is focused on providing entrepreneurs and executive teams of MSME with the most current business development strategies for growth and expansion while at the same time sharing 21st century ideas and tips on the most current market trends, capital aggregation strategies and intelligent value chain dynamics

“GES talks” includes keynote sessions from renowned speakers who most likely belong to our AfEI community of Super Mentors or they belong to a class of highly sort after super achievers in their field. In addition, there is the “ONE BIG IDEA” segment, in which a highly disruptive idea is shared to you the audience for FREE to use as you may deem fit. Finally there is the “One on One” segment in which AfEI founder discusses  pertinent strategies, disruptive technologies or national development policies with a community, national, continental or global influencer.