Global Enterprise Strategy Initiative(GESI)


Global Enterprise Strategy Initiative ( GESI )by NICKY OKOYE, is a global strategy initiative designed to create an intelligent ecosystem which creates the pathway, basis and platform for the next generation of African Unicorns, (corporations with over one billion dollars in valuation), in different strategically selected industries, based on market penetration strategies, access to global capital and definitive global strategy business models. The drive to build African based conglomerates with over one billion dollar valuations (UNICORNS) is an area that interests all executives of firms operating in the African economic ecosystem. Our strategic intervention takes leaders of select African organizations through a painstaking process for expanding their valuations organically as well as inorganically through mergers & acquisitions. In addition, GESI provides participating executives and organizations, a unique opportunity to penetrate specific global markets using our structured African Enterprise Transaction procedure or one of our global market strategies anchored on market penetration. 

AfEI will select the most outstanding and the most promising business models across the African Continent, and across enterprises promoted by people of African descent across the African Diaspora population, and these businesses will be supported over a five year program to grow into global Unicorns, creating expansional value in the process. GESI provides certified Enterprises with access to global markets, global technology, global capital, world-class personnel, and strategic global value chain opportunities.

GESI by NICKY OKOYE will provide Africa with a pipeline of new generation enterprises and entrepreneurs that can operate at the global levels, founded on the African Continent or have been promoted by entrepreneurs of African descent living in the Diaspora.

Start Date: August, 2022