Global Speaker & Tutorial Instructor Certification “SPEAK LIKE A CHAMPION”

AfEI’s World Class public speaking & instructor proprietary certification is designed for executives, professionals, lawyers, politicians, entrepreneurs, pastors, clergy, business executives, entertainers, public officers, investment and asset managers who are constantly required to speak to, or provide tutorial institution to audiences, in an effort to either persuade, inform, educate or entertain them. In addition, the AfEI “Speak Like a Champion” Global Speaker & Instructor Certification includes special segments for experienced and knowledgeable professionals seeking to launch their own global speaking and tutorial instructor business. This special Global Speaking & Tutorial Instructor Business segment provides deep knowledge on setup, starting, managing and operating your own tutorial instructor, speaking, or technical facilitation business from anywhere in the World.

As an experienced college or university lecturer, experienced industry professional or professional public speaker, you have developed extensive knowledge in your field over the years which should developed into tutorials or presentations to be shared with audiences and students across the World. AfEI will accredit and certify you, giving you the unique ability to provide global instruction on your own life’s experience and expertise providing tutoring to students across the World. In addition, we will support you with the technology platform best suited to deliver your exclusive material while you get paid for it in real time. AfEI’s SPEAK LIKE A CHAMPION”, Global Speaker & Tutorial Instructor Certification is particularly best suited for personal and executive coaches, advisers, mentors, retiring business executives, experienced and knowledgeable academics or anyone with deep knowledge in special areas of global interest, such as the creative arts, poetry, dance, graphic design, music, acting, beauty, fashion, video editing etc. AfEI Global Speaker & Tutorial Instructor Certification is supported by 21st century technology platforms and a host of technical partners, all of which supports your ability to get paid to deliver your own exceptional impactful instruction, providing tutoring and learning support to audiences and students across the World.