Global Supply Chain Program

The production of global products for a global market place is as old as the ancient silk road that leads to China and from China. It is interesting that most of the World’s consumer product manufacturing lines are also manufactured using global supply chains that are also currently leading to China and from China, for the most part. Manufacturers in Africa have so far focused their production strategies mostly on making and selling finished products which have not met with the standards of the global markets. Most African industrial strategies are built with a view to substitute their imports with accredited standardized production based in the home country. This local import substitution strategy has had varying degrees of success, as the competition with cheaper imported products from China, Vietnam, South Korea and Malaysia will and has always been a challenge. One strategy that African and Caribbean manufacturers have largely ignored is the global supply chain strategy. This global supply chain is defined as a process whereby manufacturers in Africa can identify a component part of a finished product which already has a very wide global market demand, then manufacture that component part to specifications and then subsequently supply that manufactured part into the global supply chain of that particular finished product. Our intervention will provide African and Caribbean executives with the in-depth guide their manufacturing companies will need to accomplish this strategic integration into the global market place using the global supply chain dynamics. We guide you to design and development the most effective and sustainable global market strategies which we believe must start with a full integration into established  global supply chains of existing product lines. Our “Global Supply Chain” program will provide strategic support in this regard as we have assembled some of the most informed and the most experienced instructors in this area to guide you and your executive teams to navigate the global supply chains of a wide range of existing well established very lucrative global product lines.

Duration: One Week

Tuition: $1,650.00

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