Leadership Succession Retreat

The process of transferring leadership from one generation to the next has always been a challenging experience for the organizations and enterprises.  The true challenge for founders and executive leadership teams is to provide the entire business with a structure, strategy and adequate capacity to sustain long term profitability over a considerable period of time. The handing over of the leadership baton is a science as well as an art, which our “Leadership Succession” retreat integrates, to provide participating organizations, a World-Class intervention that transforms designated successors into super achievers. According to studies conducted by the Global Leadership Foundation Report, over 70% of enterprise success in the global market place is due to the soft power skills of executive leadership. Such skills as the ability to negotiate, the capacity to develop and implement strategy, the ability to communicate on a global executive level as well as the ability to influence and lead others. Our “ Leadership Succession” retreat addresses all these skills in detail, as well as integrates all aspects of soft power skills which are required in today’s 21st century global market place. In addition, we go the extra mile to provide participating executives of enterprises as well as professionals and entrepreneurs, a deep understanding of the tactical applications required for implementing organization-wide succession strategies. We go even further to provide you with the tools, structure and the comprehensive plan for implementing succession for all leadership positions in your organization including all entry level, mid-level and executive C-level as well as all team lead positions.

Duration: Three Days

Tuition: $1,495.00

Leadership Succession