Member of the Board Program

Thousands of people of get appointed into Boards of Directors, committees, councils, task forces, advisory boards, commissions etc. every year. The interesting thing is that not everyone is adequately prepared or trained for the board room experience. This is especially true for those appointed as independent directors of the board or independent committee or council members. You have earned your board seat purely on the basis of your outstanding professional career in one professional flied or another and so you have no board room experience to rely on. In most cases, these boards or committees simply expect you will get with the program once you attend your first board or committee meeting. Our “Member of the Board” program is an intervention designed to support newly appointed members of the board or councils to fully understand the fiduciary duties expected from them as new members of the Board, which can include but is not limited to, reporting requirements, value creation and enhancement, expert market knowledge or diversity in culture, tradition, race or sexual orientation. Our “Member of the Board” program covers your responsibilities as members, your roles, your legal status, your compliance, your contributions and even what you can expect as compensation etc. We also provide newly appointed members of the board with strategies for sustainability as board members in particular industries or in particular geographical locations. Our advanced customized “Member of the Board” program includes industry, regulatory and strategic 21st century market dynamics orientation for an entire Board of Directors of a company or a newly created Committee of a global company or a national Government. We maintain a database of Independent directors for global and national corporations and we support the placement of fully vetted, trained and qualified independent board directors of African descent across the World.

Duration: Six Weeks

Tuition: $2,490.00

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