National Development Strategy Retreat

The drive to improve the lives of the African people will only succeed and can only be sustainable if it is anchored on world-class Leadership. The Leadership of the political institutions, business institutions, society, family and communities of African descent, must continue to be exposed as well as get equipped with the tools required to drive national development, create jobs and build, on a sustainable level, the economic growth models that will rise the standards of living of the African people.

In this respect, we have designed our National Development Strategy Retreat for specialized Leaders who have attained certain levels of experience in their journey as Leaders of our communities and our Nations.

Our National Development Strategy Retreat provides support for two broad categories of Leaders who are separated into different learning centers for the first three days of the retreat, after which they are merged to conclude the Retreat on a high note of generational networking and goal setting.

  1. Established and experienced Leaders: These are leaders operating at the national and sub-national level of the political space, including Governors, Ministers, Senators, Presidential Advisers, Commissioners, members of the Congress, Parliament or Houses of Assembly, Permanent Secretaries, Directors General, Chairmen of Local and Municipal authorities and other leaders in this category. In addition, we believe that the private sector leaders complements the role of political leaders in the public space, in this respect, we support at the retreat the participation of Chairmen of the Board, CEOs, Executive Directors, Executive Secretaries, Directors etc. and other C-level leaders operating in the private sector. Our National Development Strategy Retreat intervention defines the value of public private collaborations which drive national development at all levels.
  2. Emerging Leaders: these are up and coming leaders who are considered the future of our Nations, our communities, our corporations, companies and the future of all political leadership at the national, sub-national as well as community levels. These up and coming, emerging leaders are currently serving in various entry level positions, working as assistants or advisers to political office holders or they are currently serving as super achieving managers and team leaders with national or local employers. Our National Development Strategy Retreat supports these leaders with deep knowledge regarding the strategic tasks for sustainable national building, in addition, they get the international exposure they need for future roles in national leadership. They also will benefit from the networks, executive coaching and the deep knowledge shared at the retreats.