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The African Enterprise Institute is a strategic corporate institution designed to implement the strategies and initiatives of the African Enterprise Initiative founded by Dr Nicky Okoye and promoted by the Nick Okoye Foundation.  The African Enterprise Initiative is designed to provide the capacity, to stimulate drive, and expand available platforms for African firms operating on national and global markets. By creating strategic access to funding and access to global skills, the African Enterprise Initiative will support the growth of African Enterprises to gain access to untapped markets on a global basis, which in turn will stimulate investment on an unprecedented scale.

African Enterprise Initiative also supports African enterprises to expand their product and service offerings which itself will stimulate investment capital from local and international sources. In order to effectively accomplish its goals and objectives the African Enterprise Initiative has designed very specific interventions, programs and corporate institutions of which the most fundamental institution which is responsible for implementation of the objectives of the Initiatives is the African Enterprise Institute.

The African Enterprise Initiative is overseen by a National and Global board of Advisors.

Nigeria Board of Advisors

Mr. Sayyu Dantata

Chairman MRS Group

Fifi Ejindu

Serial Entrepreneur

Dr. Ola Brown

Founder Flying Doctors

Dakuku Peterside


Mr. Kola Adesina

CEO Sahara Power Group

Charles Momoh

Chairman Eko Elect Dist Comp

Yemi Anyaoku

Orient Petroleum

Emeka Odogwu

Sunny Odogwu Group

Nzam Ogbe

CEO Levene Energy Group

Global Board of Advisors

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