Nicky Okoye Podcasts
Nicky Okoye Podcasts
Entrepreneur Advisor by NICKY OKOYE(Episode 10)

This is episode ten of season one of our Entrepreneur Advisor by NICKY OKOYE Podcast series.

In this episode Dr. Nicky Okoye gave a brief introduction on Corona Virus (COVID-19), as well as the havoc the virus is causing across different countries. He also talked about how fast the virus is spreading around the world and the challenges businesses are facing across different sectors during this crises.

In addition, Nicky Okoye gave a hint that the crises might last for two to three months from now, and this will make the world fall into recession. He said some African countries like Nigeria that are resource base will be highly affected due to the country’s over dependence on oil revenue.

In conclusion, Dr. Nicky Okoye outlines some industries that will thrive during this crises.

These industries include: Healthcare Industry, Pharmaceuticals Industry, Food Industry, and Telecommunication Industry

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