African Enterprise Initiative Support Series
African Enterprise Initiative Support Series
Entrepreneur Advisor by NICKY OKOYE(Episode 3)

This is episode three of season one of our Entrepreneur Advisor by NICKY OKOYE Podcast series.

In this episode Dr. Nicky Okoye shared with us the leadership strategy that entrepreneurs and businesses should adopt in the 21st century to thrive and dominate in their business space.

In addition, Dr Nicky Okoye gives us tips on how to overcome the challenges and complex problems within the business environment or a particular industry.

NICKY OKOYE goes further to give deep insight into how different global companies have successfully used the aggregation strategy to create exceptional value in different industries including the global Entertainment, Transportation, Hospitality and Finance industries

In conclusion, Dr. Nicky Okoye outlined SIX leadership strategic elements that support rapid growth.

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