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Entrepreneur Advisor by NICKY OKOYE(Episode 5)

This is episode five of season one of our Entrepreneur Advisor by NICKY OKOYE Podcast series.
In this episode Dr. Nicky Okoye talked about the remaining FOUR of the EIGHT game changing industries in the 21st century with regard to the developing World that are fuelling disruptive business models which he had outlined previously in episode FOUR.
The industries he discusses in this episode are: Real Estate, Manufacturing, Services, and Transportation.

Dr Nicky Okoye provides a unique strategic approach for entrepreneurs to tap into the opportunities inherent in these industries. These unique strategies can help entrepreneurs and business owners to thrive and dominate in their business space.
In conclusion, Dr Nicky Okoye talks about the disruption that corona virus is causing in the global supply chain. He also talked about “nanobots” which are small new robots that are being produced for the medical sector, which are positioning new business models in healthcare, agriculture and micro manufacturing.

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