Nicky Okoye Podcasts
Nicky Okoye Podcasts
Entrepreneur Advisor by NICKY OKOYE(Episode 6)

This is episode six of season one of our Entrepreneur Advisor by NICKY OKOYE Podcast series.
In this episode Dr. Nicky Okoye describes market penetration strategy as a function of your 21st century business model.

In addition Nicky Okoye gives an in depth brief on market segmentation which is a critical subset of market penetration, and he outlined the THREE pillar framework that entrepreneurs and business owners need to consider when building their business model.
These include the B2C (Business to Customer) B2B (Business to Business), and B2G (Business to Government).
In conclusion, Dr. Nicky Okoye talked about target market penetration strategies that drive adoption including but not limited to Local Content Strategy, Export-Led Strategy, Global Supply Chain Strategy, Value Chain Intelligence Strategy, and Government Partnership Strategy.

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