Nicky Okoye Podcasts
Nicky Okoye Podcasts
Entrepreneur Advisor by NICKY OKOYE(Episode 8)

This is episode eight of season one of our Entrepreneur Advisor by NICKY OKOYE Podcast series.
In this episode Dr. Nicky Okoye gave a more in-depth definition of African Diaspora Strategy, using Nigeria as a case study. He provides the statistics of Nigerian immigrants in the United States of America in terms of Education, Income level, Employment, Professionalism and Cash flow. He makes strong argument that the African Diaspora community constitutes a very lucrative market.

In conclusion, Nicky Okoye outlines and explains some product and market segments in which entrepreneurs can build a competitive market penetration strategy with direct reference to the African Diaspora community.
These industries include: Entertainment, Financial Services and Savings, Life-Long Learning, Education, Hospitality, Transportation, Cultural Appeal, and Real Estate.

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