Becoming A Champion Book


Available on: December 19, 2022 at 9:00 am

Becoming a Champion
My serial Entrepreneurship journey, raising over one billion dollars in capital and acquiring three Conglomerates

….is a detailed insight into Nicky Okoye’s serial Entrepreneurship journey, his challenges during the difficult moments of supporting the restructuring of Nigeria’s capital markets, creating a billion dollar valuation startup enterprise, and advising as well as supporting new strategies for small business development in Africa, especially when the situation looked hopeless.

Nick Okoye gives us uncensored access into his mind during those times, the roles played by some of Nigeria’s most influential and most successful entrepreneurs and politicians and he guides us through his eventual triumphs, against all odds, operating in one of the World’s most difficult financial and business environments for a young person of African descent to choose to make a name for himself.

Becoming a Champion” takes us behind the scenes on how Dr Nicky Okoye, as he is now known, left his comfort zone as an investment banker and financial consultant with Merrill Lynch (now Bank of America Merrill Lynch) in the United States, and dived into the uncertainty of the Nigerian financial and capital markets, eventually co-founding and becoming the first executive of a newly formed African conglomerate, which grew to a billion dollar valuation in less than twelve months from inception.

Becoming a Champion” also provides a unique road map for the next generation of young Corporate gurus, entrepreneurs and financial wizkids seeking to redefine the landscape and set their own rules. Using Nicky Okoye’s experiences as a guide into the expectations of African markets and their major influencers.

Some of the most valuable material in this book are the strategic connections Nick Okoye makes between the business, financial and political challenges of his generation in Africa and he discusses some of the golden opportunities of the 21st Century, which most Gen Z and millennials can relate too. The book contains Dr Okoye’s impressive five pillars of Business Development Strategy, his Nine steps to Personal Success and Improvement as well as his big ideas on low hanging Entrepreneurship opportunities in Africa and Nigeria specifically, that have not been grabbed by even the smartest of Nigeria’s army of young Enterprising Entrepreneurs.

Those foreign executives and entrepreneurs seeking to access Nigeria’s consumer markets, major projects or to participate in direct or portfolio investments, or those international executives that currently operate across Africa will find “Becoming a Champion” a very insight companion.

In addition, Becoming a Champion is indeed a treat for all growing entrepreneurs seeking the inspiration to keep at the cutting edge of their game. It is particularly a must read for those of Dr Okoye’s generation who will recognise the names and the influential players in business, finance and politics that he had to deal during that era, having said that, It is especially, an ideal companion for business and political Leaders of African descent, who seek to implement strategic developmental models and policies for wealth creation which provides a pathway to new jobs.

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