The Professional Certifications Program are for professionals seeking certifications and qualifications they need to launch new Professional careers in the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe or Canada. These certifications linked opportunities include technical opportunities in the Medical & Healthcare Industries, Information Technology, Systems Management, Cyber Security, Engineering, Project Management etc.

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  • Acquire Technical and Professional certifications for some of the most lucrative technical assignments across the World.
  • We secure your accreditation for international assignments as well as work to get you the scholarships, travel visas and ticket.
  • You can choose to relocate physically to project sites in the United States, United Kingdom, Europe & Canada or work from your location in Nigeria or anywhere in Africa
  • We assist your family relocation logistics and subsequent professional support for placement at world’s leading organizations


GPP partner Institutions are chosen meticulously for their highly regarded accreditation by Industry and World Governments, their ability to support your relocation and their high demand from international Project recruiters for their deep technical content and the subsequent certified technical global professionals they produce annually.