Entrepreneurship Strategy


The Entrepreneurship Strategy series is a bundle of courses that provides students, young would-be entrepreneurs and professionals seeking a new career in entrepreneurship, a comprehensive in-depth understanding of the meaning of entrepreneurship, its history over millennia and how entrepreneurs are driven by passion to impact lives and solve problems. The ten module series also goes into the true meaning of strategy and how strategy can be designed to fit any entrepreneurial venture.  The course material equally covers the exciting and emerging entrepreneurial opportunities of the 21st century including the industries that are demonstrating huge market place gaps that have become more apparent in the a post Covid-19 global environment. Any student, professional or would-be business person would be best advised to kick off their entrepreneurial journey by first taking this “Entrepreneurship Strategy” series.

Course outline

  • From Old Economy to The New Economy
  • What is Strategy?
  • National Entrepreneurship Strategy
  • Personal Entrepreneurship Strategy
  • Critical Thinking
  • Mitigating the Risks of entrepreneurship
  • Building a National Entrepreneurship Strategy PART 1
  • Building a National Entrepreneurship Strategy PART 2
  • Building a National Entrepreneurship Strategy PART 3

Course Access: 30 days access

Fee: $100 Discount Price: $50