Women Entrepreneurship Empowerment


The rise of the Woman Entrepreneur has been unprecedented. Over 51% of small businesses that stay in business beyond their first year of operation are owned and operated by women. In addition, the Grameen micro finance Bank have stated that 98% of women business owners tend to pay back their loans consistently. Empowering women entrepreneurs has a direct impact on Nation building, family income and sustainability. The African Enterprise Institute is committed to Women Empowerment and this respect hosts the Women Entrepreneurship Network from time to time to expand on the goals, objectives and opportunities for female entrepreneurship.

In this MASTER CLASS, Dr Nick Okoye ( @nickyokoye ) provides a deep insight into the World of entrepreneurship including the ideal personality types, the required mindset as well as skill set that would guarantee success for Women entrepreneurs. Join us on this journey and seek out our other lectures, Master Classes or even our premium certification content available on this platform. You can also join us on this drive to expand entrepreneurship and enterprise development by becoming a member of the African Enterprise Institute. Membership has its privileges.

Course Access: 30 days access

Fee: $50