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If you operate an approved accredited skills institution in one of our qualified industries then register HERE. Your institution can join our coalition once you have been verified and accredited by our verification team.

Seeking Scholarships

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Nothing seems to be more important for the future of work and future of opportunities than that ability to gain 21st century skills that are in HOT demand. In fact, many corporations are skipping the requirements for College and University degrees and opting instead for certifications in specific skills that are required and that are in demand nationally, continently and globally. Our Enterprise Institute is not only providing the 21st century professional the ability to select a HOT skill based opportunity right here, but we have also gotten you that rear opportunity to get matched to subsidies, sponsorships and scholarships which in some cases may pay some or your entire tuition fee for your skill acquisition experience. Many of our sponsors also will pay you a stipend to learn, so you earn while you in training.  Our partnerships and certifying institutions are some of the select industry’s best-in-class for skills acquisition nationally and globally.

The HOTTEST skills for the 21st century will keep you employed, engaged and empowered, we got you covered from construction skills, to movie production, music editing, medical assistance, digital influencers, content creators, finance, insurance, media broadcasting, manufacturing, processing, technology, app development, software, crane operating, hospitality management, Private Jet flight crew attendant etc. the list is endless.