Speak Like a Champion, Boot Camp

This strategic executive communications bootcamp which is designed to support Leaders, Executives and Entrepreneurs with the capacity they need to move mountains with their words. This is especially true for Leaders who need to move obstacles or move people which can be required from time to time to meet institutional or national development goals. We designed Speak Like A Champion, Boot Camp to deliver executive level World Class communications support to meet your four strategic leadership goals:

  1. To Persuade: Supporting Leaders to persuade investors to invest in you, to invest in your country or to invest in your project requires more than a pitch. Leaders and Politicians are constantly trying to persuade voters to vote for them, whereas lawyers are in the business of persuasion, getting a judge or jury to rule in favor of their clients. Entrepreneurs are always in the business of persuading or influencing others, for sales or investment purposes. Persuading people will always be a part of Leadership and our Speak Like a Champion, Bootcamp gives you the in-depth training you will need to be successful over the long term.  
  2. To Inform: Informing a Government Committee or a board of directors or a shareholders annual general meeting about the state of affairs of your project, your public company or their investment can be enhanced by a World Class presentation with World Class presentation skills. Public servants spend their entire careers informing legislative oversight committees about the state of affairs of their sector, whereas Government Ministers and Chief Executives or Chairmen of Government Departments and Agencies must keep all stakeholders informed on a consistent basis. Our Speak Like a Champion, Bootcamp has the ideal training tools and 21stcentury communication techniques for leaders seeking to impress their boards or committees with World Class presentation and communications skills.
  3. To Educate: Public Speaking is required at all levels of learning, trainings and educational sessions and for the entire educational industry. In fact, an educator is required to communicate effectively at the primary school, secondary school or university level and in most cases executive communication skills may indeed be required for corporate and governmental training and development programs. Trainers and Keynote speakers are constantly expected to impact audiences on a consistent basis, irrespective of the audience’s maturity level or their area of expertise. Our Speak Like a Champion, Boot Camp has inbuilt special tactics, techniques and strategies which would transform an educator to a World Class communicator.
  4. To Entertain: In the entertainment industry, Speakers are constantly engaging audiences, either as comedians, actors, poets, story tellers or musicians. In either case they are expected to captivate audiences each and every time they get on stage. It would make absolute sense for them to perform these communication tasks at peak performance levels. In fact, if the truth be told, no profession depends more on captivating audiences through public speaking and presentations than the entertainment industry, and our Speak Like a Champion, Boot Camp provides for entertainers the best opportunity for achieving this on a constant and sustainable basis.


In addition, If You are a Public Speaker, you will need to gain access to the tools, the packaging, the support and the platforms required to own your own public speaking business, to speak to audiences across the World

about topics for which you have gained extensive experience and expertise, without having to leave your current job, occupation or business. Our SPEAK LIKE A CHAMPION Boot Camp will get you there.