Africa Content Strategy

Africa Content Strategy is our pathway to integrate all African value added into a global African value chain which will identify, expand and promote all of African commercial activity in the global marketplace and subsequently into the global supply chain. African Content Strategy is driving a paradigm shift in creating economic value with content which is purely African. First we redefine the input required for products and services offered in Africa, or products and services offered to Africans. Secondly we integrate all value added to products and services offered by Africans, African Diaspora or by peoples of African descent, to the local, continental and global markets. To drive these processes, we are creating a continent wide army of professionally certified, Business Advisors, who will be responsible for verifying and assessing legitimate businesses, business processes and value added identified as part of the global African value chain. Products, services and value added inputs that are considered as part of the global African Value Chain provides direct access to additional opportunities for millions of small and medium enterprises in terms of new investment capital, new market access, new customers and business sustainability for future generations.